Important Patient Information Notice

Market Overton and Somerby Surgeries Conversion from Emis to SystmOnline

Many of our patients will be aware that the surgeries have received funding to migrate our clinical information system to a new provider – systmone.

Following notification of this change to our patients at the end of July, we wanted to advise you of the key milestones. We also wanted to make sure you are aware that to achieve the migration of a completely new clinical system, we will need to run very focused clinics to allow our staff to achieve the training they require.

Key Dates for Our Patients

24 Oct: Electronic Prescribing will be switched off – this means that all prescriptions will be printed as a clinical safeguarding measure and if you collect from a Pharmacy, you will need to take the prescription to the chemist for dispensing. It will be turned back on again once the new system is in place (28 Nov).

24 Oct – 28 Nov: All patients on repeat prescriptions will receive 2 months’ supply to ensure continuity in their care pathway.

14 – 24 Nov: We will be conducting staff training during this period but we will be working hard before this time to create space for the training period.

25 Nov – 02 Dec: Go live week – we will be running slightly slower than usual as our staff get used to the new system.

In conclusion – the Surgery is taking a big step by updating the system we use for your care. In future, more of your care (delivered outside the practice) will be available on Systmone very quickly after that care is delivered and will allow a more collaborative approach between you and the NHS. Ultimately, you will benefit and we hope you will be pleased with this change. Thank you very much for your support and understanding during a challenging time.