Vitrucare is an online Long Term Conditions self-management tool accessible via PC/Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone device (internet access required).

If you have Diabetes, Hypertension or COPD, you can qualify to create an account for Vitrucare which shares information on how you can manage your Long Term Condition.

It also allows you to record your weight or BP and other condition related information this is then shared with us so that we can review your progress during your next Chronic Disease Management Annual Review appointment with our Nursing Team.

We will also use the information you send us to understand how you are progressing through the year and send you a personalised message to confirm your progress.

We are looking to pilot this with our Type 2 Diabetic Patients within the first phase, so if you have Type 2 Diabetes and would like to learn how you can better manage your condition and share your blood sugar levels with us, then complete the form below to register.

If you are Hypertensive or COPD, you can still sign up and share your readings with us, however the nursing team will review your data from Vitrucare in the new year.

Once we have received your form, we will register you on Vitrucare and send you an email invitation for you to create your account.

Please complete the form below to register for Vitrucare and enjoy its many benefits!

Vitrucare Form