Better Care Together Workshop on 26th February

Better Care Together Workshop on 26th February –  to discuss Community Services Redesign

Dear all,

Residents across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) have the opportunity to get involved in designing how community services provided by Leicester Partnership Trust (such as community nursing, intensive community support services and community beds) are provisioned. Several workshop events are being held – details below.

This activity, known as the Community Services Redesign, is part of the work being undertaken by the LLR Better Care Together partnership (the STP or Sustainability and Transformation partnership as it used to be called). You may have seen information in our January Newsletter about the upcoming events.

I want to particularly draw your attention to the workshop that is being held in Oakham on 26 February, 6-8pm at the council offices and encourage you to go along and make your views heard.

It would be great if you can spread the word and encourage people close to you – friends, family, Rutland people in your groups/networks – to get involved too if they have an interest in how health and care will be delivered locally, going forward. Details for booking a free place at the workshop are highlighted below.