VITRUCARE UPDATE (from Dynamic Health Systems)

Due to technical difficulties, you have not been able to use your VitruCare account over the last month, there was a major disruption in the NHS data centre that had damaged some of the VitruCare system software which needed to be repaired.  The systems securing your data remained entirely intact and safe but we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

The VitruCare system has now been restored although the technical team is still running checks on a small number of tiles such as Secure Messages. These will be reinstated as they prove their reliability and reappear after they have passed the tests.  You can start using your account again with confidence. You may also be pleased to know that the root cause is being addressed by moving to a different data centre that is able to run the VitruCare system much more reliably.

Once more, Dynamic Systems wish to apologise for the disruption. We hope to regain your confidence with reliability and new tiles to enhance your digital connection with your GP led care team.