Coil Fitting at Oakham Medical Practice

Contraceptive Coil Fitting London - Private IUD Coil Removal Near Me

Oakham Medical Practice will no longer be offering a coil fitting service for Mirena or Copper coils. However these methods remain an excellent choice of contraception and we would like to help you access the relevant services.

To arrange insertion or replacement of your coil please contact the following:

Leicester Sexual Health  0300 1240 102 (online booking coming soon)

iCaSH Peterborough 0300 300 3030

Victoria Park Health Centre 0800 7566 277  Mon- Fri 10.00-16.00. Victoria Park Health Centre can offer coil fitting to patients registered with any East Leicestershire and Rutland GP Practice.

Please note, if your coil has been fitted for reasons other than contraception e.g. heavy periods or HRT, you may be advised to contact your own GP.