We ask for your information so that you can receive proper care and treatment; this information is retained at the Practice in computerised format, and is therefore readily accessible to any GP or Health Care Professional that you may need to see at the Practice in the future.

The information contains all of your personal details along with your medical conditions and care programmes – we will need all of this each time we see you.
It is not available at other medical or non-medical facilities, nor is it available on any central NHS register or database. However, certain basic information for all patients registered with a General Practitioner is held on the NHS Central Register for England and Wales.

Other than for your own personal health care and treatment, some of the information we hold on you may be required for:

  • Looking after the health of the general public;
  • Managing and planning the NHS – for instance ensuring that the services provided will meet patient needs in the future, or preparing statistics to monitor overall NHS performance and activity
  • Investigating complaints or legal claims, or indeed complying with the law (for instance to report a birth)
  • Auditing accounts

All information about you that is passed on or shared is only done so once it has been anonymised as far as possible, and only to those parties that have a genuine requirement to see it. All such parties are, like us, under a legal duty to treat the information responsibly and confidentially at all times.