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NHS healthcheck

If you have received a letter from the surgery inviting you for a free NHS Health Check please use this form. We do need to know your height, weight and blood pressure. You can check these using home devices or they can be done at most gyms and some pharmacies. If you are still unable to access any of these, you will need to book a face to face appointment with a nurse.

NHS healthcheck

Your NHS Healthcheck

This will either be shown on the BP machine or can be checked by counting the beats in 1 minute using the radial pulse.
1 unit of alcohol is equal to a 25ml single measure of whisky, a third of a pint of beer or half a standard (175ml) glass of wine.
Approximately how long do you spend on physical activity each week?
Smoking status
25g of tobacco = 7 cigarettes
Would you be interested in receiving smoking cessation advice?
Do you have any concerns regarding your memory?

Do you have a family history of the following?

Ischaemic heart disease
Angina in 1st degree female relative <65yrs
Angina in 1st degree male relative <55yrs
Heart attack in 1st degree female relative <65yrs
Heart attack in 1st degree male relative <55yrs
Raised Cholesterol

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